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Working within our Fostering Services

Freedom to deliver great fostering services

Our nationwide network of local fostering agencies is devoted to friendly local service, each with a team of skilled individuals who care deeply about their community. When you join us, you’ll bring your own fresh ideas into one of our close-knit teams – a brilliant opportunity to help local foster carers, children and young people grow together and build safe, secure lives.

Each local agency is supported by our wider team of fostering experts, with dedicated assessment and referrals teams giving you the time and space in which to have an even bigger impact on people’s lives. Our Therapeutic Parenting Programme is accredited by the British Psychological Society – part of our significant investment in our employees and foster carers, and key to building the trusting relationships that children and young people deserve.

We have lots of roles to choose from

– Office administrators
– Support workers
Supervising social workers
– Team managers
Fostering registered managers

We have lots of roles to choose from

Kole Akeju – Registered Manager – Sunflower Fostering

It’s different here. We make sure that each child and their foster-carers have complete wraparound support. We pride ourselves on our reputation, as it shows that we are maintaining our standards. It’s our support that makes us stand out.

Local teams with nationwide support

We combine the best qualities of a large, nationwide organisation with the friendly, hands-on approach of local agencies who know their communities – and when you join us, you’ll have the freedom to tackle the work you love best. With a manageable workload, you’ll have all the opportunities you need to build relationships and give incredible advice and support – all powered by your own creative thinking!

And don’t forget that when you join us, it’s just the start of your journey. We’ll help you develop and grow in any direction you want – whether that means in your original fostering agency or elsewhere in our Outcomes First Group family. Working with us is a career opportunity that really can take you anywhere!

Our fostering specialisms

Mockingbird Family Model

Our unique Mockingbird Family Model improves the stability of fostering placements and strengthens relationships between carers, children and young people, fostering services and birth families.

Therapeutic parenting
With our British Psychological Society-accredited Therapeutic Parenting Programme, we train our team members and foster carers in techniques that can make an amazing difference to the lives of vulnerable children.

Bridge to foster
Moving from a residential home into foster care can be an important step for many children and young people, but it comes with its own challenges. Bridge to foster is our package of support for both children and foster carers to help ease the transition.

“We build teams that feel inspired to change the world”

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